Packaging supplies

DNK Packaging.

   Our company operates in the packaging

with particular specialization in the ribbon,

plastic and cloth, the grass packaging and

 decorative items.

With years of experience and great

knowledge of the market,

Greek and foreign, our goal is

to offer right products at the right price.


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DNK Products.

  Visit our products and choose from a wide

 range of ribbons and ornaments.

We can offer all products directly at the

right price and a unique quality.

See all options at Products category.


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DNK services..

  Our company offers various services such as printing ribbons, special orders, color choices on all our items.

We can personalize the products you offer to

 your customer, giving them

special options and services.


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Metallic and paper curled shred.

Our company specializes in 'curled shred for packing'. It is a special product that we can offer in many color options and many decorative and special Provisions uses, such as in food.


Business gifts, candles, chocolates and sweets, glass, porcelain, ceramics, souvenirs, decoration window, wines and beverages, cosmetics toiletries, fruit baskets and drinks, decorations with flowers, Christmas and Easter decorations.

More about metallic and paper curled shred.


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